Darren Wilkins

Managing Director

Right from Apprenticeship Darren has been self Employed. Once gaining Qualification “Darren Wilkins Electrical Contractors” was established as a sole trader in 1991. Though his own experiences and some valuable years spent sub contracting one to one with an Highly Experience Quality local Electrician {The Best Electrician Darren ever knew to this day, unfortunately no longer with us} he was lucky to gained a wealth of experience most electrician would envy or have not had that opportunity to learn.

Darren has steadily developed his own skills and Qualifications along with the Company going Limited in 2000 to a well established Local Company. He is still very much involved Day to Day and is determined to maintain his good relationship with Customers and Staff as he drives the Company forwards. “I still want to maintain a hands on Approach and I carry out a large majority of site surveys and quotes which maintain my initial contact with Customers, basically the Customer meets the face behind the Company name on most occasions ”.